First Protest Against Slavery Tunes Kunders also known as Thones Kunders was a member of the 13 original families that came from Krefeld, Germany and settled in Philadelphia and created the neighborhood of Germantown. More information about these original German settlers can be found in […]

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Engine Company No. 11 Through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin on December 7, 1736, 30 volunteer men came together and called themselves the Union Fire Company and formed the first organized firefighting service. Although Philadelphia had a strong history of volunteer firefighters none were black, […]

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FREEDOM NOW RALLY Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited various cities including Philadelphia to show appreciation of national support of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and spread the message of non-violence during the civil rights movement.  The Southern Christian Leadership Conference who’s President was Martin […]

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NFL Films In 1962 Edwin Sabol alongside his son Steve Sabol established Blair Motion Pictures Company, which paid $3000 for the film rights of the 1962 NFL Championship Game at Yankee Stadium between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. 2 years later […]

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The German Society of Pennsylvania The Land Company and William Penn authorized Franz Daniel Pastorius, to buy 15,000 acres of land in Pennsylvania that would be later on known as Germantown. On October 26, 1683, 13 German immigrant families from Krefeld Germany guided by Mr. […]

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Oldest Photograph Joseph Saxton was born in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on March 22 of 1799 and was one out of 11 children. At the age of 12 he worked in his father’s nail factory and then took an apprenticeship with a local watchmaker. When the watchmaker […]

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The Central Library Before the Central Library came into existence there were other libraries that already existed in Philadelphia where its members had to pay fees but none were free.  During the 1800s the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulated municipal libraries and in 1887 Dr. William […]

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Civilian Public Service
Servicio Publico Civil

Civilian Public Service Civilian Public Service was the first alternative for individuals against warfare also known as conscientious objectors, to serve their country during times of war. Efforts to create a program for those who did not want to serve in the armed forces have […]

US Sanitary Fair

US Sanitary Commission Great Central Fair Sanitary fairs during the civil war allowed patrons to show their support for the Union financially and morally. The Philadelphia sanitary fair, known as the Great Central Fair was the pinnacle of all the sanitary fairs which was the […]